•    Led legislative ordinance for body cameras for all East Baton Rouge police officers.

•    Established and chaired the first Body Camera Committee in Baton Rouge.

•    Established the “Ban the Box” bill passed by the state legislature. 

•    Created the legislative mandate for the Office of Motor Vehicles to create payment plans for high debts and fines.

•    Developed the clean water bill with General Honore and partnership with Capital Area Groundwater Conservation Commission which allows Baton Rouge to have clean drinking water. 

•    Worked to get the old fire station on 38th Street and Gus Young transferred to EBR Council On Aging as a non-profit entity. Pending grand opening October 2020.

•    Along with Former Chief Administrative Officer William Daniels, secured three properties under construction as new recreational facilities for East Baton Rouge Council On Aging.

•    Safely led the city during the aftermath of the Alton Sterling non-violent protest in 2016.

•    Worked tirelessly at the State Capital to allow funding to reopen the Baton Rouge General Mid-City Emergency Room.

•    Created a bill to pass a "Children’s Cabinet" to assist children of incarcerated parents.

•    Created a bill for the Department of Corrections to reduce and eventually eliminate the phone cost for prisoners.

•    Implemented summer camps in District 61 at St. Paul Catholic Church that allowed economic development and paid teachers and students.

•    Served on the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development Committee to fix bridges, highways, and roads in Louisiana.

•    Appointed to the State Task Force for Drug Sobriety by Governor John Bel Edwards .

•    Has personally donated over $50,000 in scholarships to high school and college students.

•     Created a resolution to get students trained in medical marijuana at Baton Rouge Community College, Louisiana State University, and Southern University. 


Attorney Gordon McKernan


William Daniels - Former Chief Administrative Officer 


Larry Selders - State Representative 

Trey Welch - EBR Parish Metro Councilman 

Chandler Loupe - EBR Parish Metro Councilman 

 Roy Adams - Zachary City Councilman

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